Dryeration tower

CONTINUOUS DRYERATION (covered by U.S. Patent No. 11,304,424)


  • Grain is dried in a traditional dryer until moisture is 2.2-2.9% above preservation moisture.
  • The grain is tempered, extracting water from the grain and homogenizing the heat.
  • Ventilation is optimized for a three-fold effect of cooling the grain inside the tower, transferring the heat via a counter-flow method and drawing out the moisture, subsequently drying the grain.
  • The tower is emptied uniformly and continuously using an appropriate extractor.

Torre de enfriamiento


  • Energy savings in the overall process of up to 30% compared to traditional drying processes.
  • Increased dryer capacity of up to 60%.
  • Better grain quality, preserving its physical properties and commercial characteristics.
  • Storage stability. Total, uniform cooling at appropriate temperature and moisture levels for storage.
  • Automatic, continuous system controlled by the dryer.

Torre de enfriamiento


  • Reinforced silo and thermal insulation. Size suitable for all dryers, grain temperatures, climates, etc.
  • False bottom made of perforated galvanised sheeting over the support structure.
  • Variable screw conveyor, pivoting from a central axis.
  • Fan with features that are optimized to the process.
  • Automatic emptying system for fitting the tower to the dryer.
  • Thermal control system using differential thermostats.


Torre de enfriamiento

  1. Wet grain is unloaded into the hopper.
  2. Grain is transferred from the hopper to the pre-cleaning system.
  3. Pre-cleaning using sifting (wet grain).
  4. Grain is transferred to the dryer.
  5. Dryer. When using the cooling system in the tower, the marked area, which was previously used for cooling, is used for drying (dryer’s 1st capacity increase).
  6. The hot grain leaves the dryer with residual moisture, which evaporates in the tower (dryer’s 2nd capacity increase).
  7. Cooling tower. The grain is cooled slowly using a counter-flow method (there is no thermal shock, which leads to better quality) as it drops down the tower. The tower has a special emptying system, an adjustable ventilation system, thermal insulation and a grain treatment control system.
  8. The perfectly cold, balanced grain is transferred for storage in silos or bins.