Silos, hoppers and granaries

LAW Ibérica provides a wide range of grain storage products:

  • Large, conventional cylindrical silos (supported or hanging)
  • Square cereal and flour hoppers, bins and granaries for feed manufacturing plants and for outdoor and warehouse storage. Less space, greater volume…

Wide variety of solutions for grains, flours, biomass, as well as silos on metal stands with lower hopper and air nozzles by gravity or mechanised as needed.


  1. Open mesh walkway on base, galvanized
  2. Access ladder (to be placed accordingly on the side support)
  3. Roof ladders with railing
  4. Roof inspection register
  5. Cage guard rail
  6. Rest platform
  7. Safety cage external ladder (on cylinder)
  8. Cylinder access door
  9. Cylinder access platform
  10. Loading conveyor
  11. Dome-shaped lid (for product loading)
  12. Temperature probe holder
  13. Roof vent
  14. Cylinder interior ladder
  15. Product outfeed (central)
  16. Air ducts (option)
  17. Intermediate outlet of product waste (option)