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LAW Ibérica is Spain’s leading company in R&D of grain drying. Our highly valued cooling towers allow us to offer solutions in every field related to grain storage, drying and mechanization.

LAW Ibérica integrates the environment into the energy sector in order to achieve a sustainable development. To accomplish this task, our top-level technical team is able to offer comprehensive global solutions in the field of agro energy engineering.

LAW Ibérica is currently firmly committed to expanding internationally over Europe and the United States.

Featured product

Torre de Enfriamiento

Dryeration Tower

Thanks to our constant R&D, LAW Ibérica has developed a Dryeration Tower leader in sales in the Spanish market, having sold over 150 units.

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Ingeniería Agroenergética

Agricultural Engineering

The service incorporates agricultural consultancy services and a construction and civil works department, enabling us to find all kinds of solutions within the industry. To do this, we use specific materials from the best-known quality companies with over 60 years of experience in the agriculture and farming sectors.

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