Agricultural engineering and civil works

LAW IBERICA SA provides a technical service offering post-harvest grain and farming facility solutions.


The service incorporates agricultural consultancy services and a construction and civil works department, enabling us to find all kinds of solutions within the industry. To do this, we use specific materials from the best-known quality companies with over 60 years of experience in the agriculture and farming sectors:

  • Technical agronomy consultancy services
  • Construction company
  • Construction of agricultural and farming warehouses

We currently have the human and technical capacity to undertake and implement all projects. We have in-depth industry knowledge and the know-how to set the specifications required to produce a quality project and to ensure that each supplier delivers on their time, quantity and quality commitments. The technical service is managed by the agricultural engineer Alfredo Sánchez Barquero and has the experience and resources needed to research and develop new scientific techniques and applications within the agriculture industry and the RENEWABLE ENERGIES sector. Specific emphasis is placed on BIOMASS and DIGESTERS for purifying industry and farm waste.